Board Members



John Kanalas


John is from Lincoln Park, Michigan and joined the Army in 1982. He served as an Air Traffic Controller in Germany and at Ft Lewis.

He joined DAV as a life member in 1996. He has headed up fundraising for several years, he is a service officer along with being the Commander. 

John and his wife Jenny have three children 

Melvin Pugh

Sr. Vice,

Born in Evergreen AL but raised in Pensacola FL. He joined the Army in 1969 retired in 1991. He served in Asia, Germany, and several state side locations. He had 22 years in service.

Offices held in DAV: In MA as Jr and Sr. Vice, and Commamder at both chapter and District level and as State Jr. Vice and CH 30 Treasurer. He worked for the Dept if VA Boston Medical Center and retired in 2001.

He and his wife Chuni have three children and nine grand children. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, Korean and English. 


Maryanne Bautsch

1st Junior Vice

She grew up in Louisiana moved to GA in 1991 where she joined the Army in 1994-2000. She served overseas in Korea and Germany. She also served in several different states.

She joined DAV in 2006 and served as the head of fundraising for Chapter 6 in 2010-2011. She has put in 1000's of hours helping vets process into the VA

Maryanne and her husband Michael have three children.

Jo-Ann Sanchez

2nd Junior Vice

She is from Puerto Rico where she joined the Army 1994. She served one tour in Iraq. She retired in 2013.

She has done more than 1000 of volunteer hours since joining DAV in 2008. She has helped vets process into the VA while helping our homeless vets get the help they need.

She is a single mom of a middle school aged girl.


Paul Heller

Past Commander

Frederick Paul Heller enlisted in the USMC in 1956, retired as a Major in 1978. After being enlisted for eight years he was then commissioned as a WO. He served two tours in Vietnam.

He joined DAV in 2006 serving in many positions as an officer for DAV Chapter 6 with the last position being the 2019-2020 Commander. 

He has aslo served as a mentor in the Cobb County Veterans Court.

Duke Baylis


Born in Mississippi he joined the Army in 1975 after graduating college. He got out the military in 1982.

Duke joined DAV in 2009 where he has put in 1000's of volunteer hours helping get vets to and from Doctor appointments.

Duke and his wife Barbara have 3 children and 6 grandchildren 


Philip Forsberg


Philip is from New York where he was commissioned in the Army in 1982. In 1983 he completed Flight school and became a pilot serving in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq. After several State side duties he retired in 2011.

Philip joined DAV in 2011 as a Life member. He serves as a Service Officer as well as the Adjutant for Chapter 6.

He and his wife Ellen have three children. 

Norman De Walt

Judge Advocate

Serviced in US Air Force Vietnam Vet 1971 - 1976.

Served on home owners groups in Cobb County. Active member of IAM Local 709. Machinist Union maintain web site. He has lobbied at the Georgia state capital and in Washington D.C. He is a computer engineer retired form Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia.

He is Married and likes to do oil and acrylic oil paintings along with media computer graphics.


Rev. Robert J Plowman


Rev Plowman is from Pennsylvania where he joined the Army in 1961. He was in the Army Intelligence until 1964 when he got out the service.

After getting out of the service he went to seminary school. He was a paster for 50 years.

He joined DAV in 2006.

Robert and his wife Beverly (now deceased) have three children.

William Gilmore

VA Connections

William joined the Army in 1972. He served as a Military Police officer in Germany and state side until 1978 when he left the military.

He joined DAV in 2016 as a life member. He has helped 100's of vets  get to and from medical apartments and other needs.

He and his wife Esther have one child.