What's New

It's that time of the year again, Election Time. Our Nominating Comity is:

Bill DeLamater, Gail Evilsizor, and Willie Atkinson, with Bill being the chairman. If you wish to nominate someone for any of the following position Commander,Senior Vice Commander, First Junior Vice Commander, Second Junior Vice Commander, and Treasurer, please email any one of them with the Persons name. 

Bill DeLamater - gsandb@comcast.net

Gail Evilsizor - gevilsizor@aol.com

Willie Atkinson - watkinson5@comcast.net

Our By-Laws will go out in an email we will also have some to hand out at the February meeting. Please read over them as we will be voting on them at the March meeting to submit them to the state for approval, then on to national for final approval.

We are seeing vets at our main office located at 1290 Kennestone Cr, Building D Suite 111, Marietta, GA 30066. To get with a service officer please email them to set up an appt, walk-ins are welcome but an appt is best.

For John Kanalas - Mon. from 0900 - 1300 please email him at jjkanalas@gmail.com 

For Michael Pippins - Tue. 1000 - 1400 please email him at mfsand25@yahoo.com

For Philip Forsberg - Wed. 1000 - 1400 please email him at Forsberg.philip@gmail.com